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Oct 30

2020 - 2021 Rotating Sculpture Program

Posted on October 30, 2020 at 4:10 PM by Claire Rodgers

In 2017, the Liberty Arts Commission established an annual sculpture program that brings a new set of sculptures to downtown Liberty each year. This year, the program has seven sculptures in the exhibit that will be on display through September 2021. 

Download the Otocast app for a map of the installation and to hear descriptions of each piece from the artists themselves. Within the app you can also vote for your favorite sculpture!

A PDF guide of the sculpture installation is also available here »

Growing Wings by Hilde DeBruyne
Growing Wings - Liberty Rotating Sculpture Program

Rusted Spire by Christopher Knight
Rusted Spire - Liberty Rotating Sculpture Program

NeitherNorEitherOr by Steven Maeck
Either Or Neither Nor - Liberty Rotating Sculpture Program

Prairie Ship by Greg Mueller
Prairie Ship - Liberty Rotating Sculpture Program

Oak Leaf Arch by Jim Gallucci
Oak Leaf Arch - Liberty Rotating Sculpture Program

The Stellas by Joe Sackett
The Stellas - Liberty Rotating Sculpture Program

Tangerine Daydream by Jaci Willis
Tangerine Daydream - Liberty Rotating Sculpture Program

The Liberty Arts Commission has the option to purchase a piece each year to add to the City's permanent collection. Check out the four pieces that started in the rotating sculpture program and are now permanently on display throughout Liberty

2017 - Plumb Twisted by Jacob Burmood - installed in front of the Liberty Community Center, 1600 S Withers Road

2018 - The Other Extreme by Tim Adams - installed at Fire Station 3, 2300 N Lightburne Street

2018 - Open Heart by Matthew Duffy - installed at the Withers Road entrance to Westboro Canterbury Park

2019 - Prairie Ship by Greg Mueller - this piece will stay on display in its current downtown location for the 2020 - 2021 exhibit and will then be moved to a permanent home in Stocksdale Park


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