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Jul 20

Summer Fun at City Park - Liberty’s All-Inclusive Playground

Posted on July 20, 2023 at 1:44 PM by Claire Rodgers

With summer in full swing and the weather finally in our favor, it’s time to start exploring Liberty’s amazing parks, playgrounds and spraygrounds! One of the newly remodeled parks right outside of downtown Liberty is City Park.

City Park was the City’s first park and was established in 1949. After being remodeled in 2021, this 1-acre site is now home to a new sprayground and several all ability features! Check out some of the elements that make this park the perfect place to spend your summer!

Sensory Elements

With the updates added in 2021, City Park now includes a sensory area for children to enjoy. This section of the park allows kids to learn using sounds, textures and visual elements. The Rhapsody Grandioso Chimes & Vivo Metallophone is not only a great way for your child to explore creating different sounds for fun, but also provides sensory stimulation and auditory stimulation for those that are hearing impaired.

Learn Braille Sensory ElementSensory Element at City Park

Another exciting sensory element are the Sensory Play Panels. These panels are a good way for children to work on their eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving skills. This section is perfect for kids with sensory disorders and motor coordination disorders. For those needing time to refocus, the Sensory Path is the element for them. This painted path helps with focus and attention. Parents can redirect their kids by having them walk the line.

All sensory elements are accessible for those of all ages and abilities. These activities allow for kids to not only play by being active, but also by encouraging them to explore new sounds, textures, visual elements and more!


Opened in 2022, the new City Park sprayground is a great way to cool off this summer! With several water elements, including a massive bucket holding around 100 gallons of water and ten different water zones to play in.

City Park Sprayground

The sprayground is open every day from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. Stop by and see why this is one of the most popular places to cool off during the summer!

2-5 Year Old Playground

During the summer, parks can get busy – and it can be worrisome bringing your small child to a park with bigger kids running around. Lucky for you, City Park has a designated area for children 2 – 5 years old! One of the structures in this section is the Natural Steppers element. This feature provides a quiet cave like nook and a tactile feel of bark for children with sensory processing issues. This section allows kids to work on developing balance, coordination, and problem solving!

Natural Steppers Element

Toddlers can also enjoy the Kids-Only Play Fort. This structure has it all: climbing, sliding, sensory panels and even nooks to provide a quiet space for your little one. Let your kids explore this turf covered tiny tots zone. This section is good for crawling, climbing, walking and sliding! 

Mobility Accessible Equipment

To ensure all children have an equal opportunity to play and have fun, City Park includes several pieces of mobility accessible equipment to make sure no kid is left behind. One of the most popular features is the We-Go-Round. This spinner is fully wheelchair accessible with the base flush to the surrounding surface allowing easy access for those in wheelchairs. It also has a handhold on the center post, which allows users to participate in the movement.

We-Go-Round Spinner

Roller Table Element

Those looking for a piece of equipment with high mobility inclusiveness can look no further! The Roller Table is perfect for those with limited mobility. This feature provides sensory stimulation through the application of deep-muscle pressure from the steel rollers. Along with helping kids develop a "skin map" of tactile sensroy receptors throughout the body, it also helps with coordination, flexibility and motor planning.


A staple in every great park is of course, swings! City Park has a selection of swings to accommodate all levels of mobility and all different ages. One of the most inclusive of the swings is the Saucer Swing. This swing is perfect for children with sensory processing disorders or limited mobility, The Saucer Swing allows kids to lay across the center section and enjoy the calming rocking motion.

Saucer Swing

Another great swing option is the Zero-G Swing Chair. The swing chair is great for children with limited upper body strength. It promotes balance, coordination, and core, upper and lower body strength.

City Park is full of so many opportunities for kids to learn, play and socialize. Come check out in person how theses, and the many other features at City Park, make this the perfect destination for summer fun!

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